The T-Motion Collection DVD

The T-Motion Video Theater is the cornerstone feature in Catch Magazine. Catch Magazine is an on-line fly fishing magazine seen around the world – Todd Moen films and edits the most creative, action packed and stunningly beautiful fly fishing videos in the world. These films are part of the Catch Magazine experience. Todd travels to amazing fly fishing destinations, like Chile, British Columbia, Mexico and many others. Then, with an artists eye, he wraps the great fishing around an interesting storyline that brings out the relationship with the angler, their environment and why we all enjoy this sport so much.

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  1. Alan R. Whitt says:

    First ran across Todd’s fly fishing for bass( which by the way has a strong hold on #’ 1&2 on Google for that keyword)
    It is like watching a short preview and you can’t wait till the full length feature comes out. I watch it every day. The music,cinamatography, is epic. Please make more.
    Thank you,

    Alan r. Whitt

  2. dar isensee says:

    Todd, Incredible footage on Steelhead Dreams Part 1 nad 2. I send it to my friends as an explanation as to why I am totally hooked on Steelhead spey fishing. Have fly fished for 50 plus years and Steelhed fishing in BC on my unfinished bucket list. How do I find the camp info shown in the before mentioned video? Dar isensee 503 636 8351

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