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T-Motion Theater Season 6 DVD, Todd Moen of Catch Magazine once again has been hard at work in very tough conditions to capture images of fly fishing at its very best in locations such as Argentina’s Patagonia region, British Columbia’s remote wilderness and Montana’s backcountry. He captures these videos from unique aerial views via multi-rotor drones that he has custom built for the rough and variable conditions in angling backcountry. This DVD features 6 short films of spectacular dry fly action, swinging flies for steelhead and trophy trout, mouse patterns and bomber flies for big rainbows. It reveals the unique and captivating story of “Spatsizi” in northern B.C., including the adventure and vision of Canadian adventurist Ray Collingwood. It also features the third in the “Run” series, “Spring Run.” Brutal rain in classic Pacific Northwest weather and incredible scenery in some of the best fish habitat in the world make this a notable film. The action and fantastic music in Season 6 will delight and captivate any angler worldwide.

Catch Magazine is the official online journal of the world’s best fly fishing photography, video and film. The T-Motion Theater is the cornerstone feature of Catch Magazine, and each issue T-Motion highlights the very best water, angler and fish from around the world.
Destination Fly Fishing DVD. Run time approx. 60 minutes
Season 6 can be purchased at the Catch Magazine Store.



  1. Alan R. Whitt

    First ran across Todd’s fly fishing for bass( which by the way has a strong hold on #’ 1&2 on Google for that keyword)
    It is like watching a short preview and you can’t wait till the full length feature comes out. I watch it every day. The music,cinamatography, is epic. Please make more.
    Thank you,

    Alan r. Whitt

  2. Todd, Incredible footage on Steelhead Dreams Part 1 nad 2. I send it to my friends as an explanation as to why I am totally hooked on Steelhead spey fishing. Have fly fished for 50 plus years and Steelhed fishing in BC on my unfinished bucket list. How do I find the camp info shown in the before mentioned video? Dar isensee 503 636 8351

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