Stobel was filmed in the southern lakes of Argentina’s Patagonia region.  As most anglers know, this geography is famous for its big wind and its big trout.  We encountered both in very big doses!  The combination of 60 mile per hour gusts, crashing waves, and a landscape of moon rocks (devoid of a landing pad for my aerial camera) made the filming of Strobel one of the most difficult conditions in which I have ever worked.  My equipment was put to the test, and keeping the camera steady was a massive challenge!  Katherine Hart was an absolute rock star, battling the elements with ease….landing the big trout through very tough conditions.  While difficult, this Argentine adventure was so much fun, filming and fishing with friends Katherine Hart and Tim Rajeff.  Thanks to the the whole team at Estancia Laguna Verde, and special thanks to head guide Karim Jodor who helped tremendously with our succesful trip. For more information about Estancia Laguna Verde go to

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  1. Louis Menard

    Another really nice piece of art, beautiful images and lots of great battles. Keep up the good work!

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