Todd M., your films have inspired me to begin a journey that I could have never imagined. I had no idea it would become an obsession and a new found respect for that beautiful wild creature that is a steelhead and the environs which it inhabits. It only took me five years - I finally landed an Oregon wild winter steelhead three weeks ago. I would have never experienced that indescribable connection had it not be for you and watching Jeff and Jakob in Winter Run. Thanks so much for sharing your talent, vision and thoughtful art. - Korey

I do not understand why Todd Moen has not got a Oskar yet??? His film's are always big cinema, there is a lot of heart blood inside so we can see all these beautiful things. For that i give him the greatest respect. Fly only for life, and straight up for Todd Moen. Greeting's from germany.


Moen’s footage is always so enjoyable. I hope he is paid better than most in the industry as his work deserves it. Everyone already knows this but I just wanted to say I enjoy his work . Thanks


Mancing Tanago

Over the past few years, your fly fishing videos have inspired me to love Fly Fishing and fishing with the Catch and Release system to preserve the existing fish. The amazing video capture technique makes every time I watch it inspires me to make my fishing videos like yours. But I believe my video is still far from expectations and will keep trying. Thanks for the inspiration 🙏😁


Todd's story

Todd’s combined interest in film and fish began as a kid: he explored and filmed the big waters of western Washington and the blue-ribbon trout streams of his birth state Montana. Years of traveling the far ends of the globe as a professional videographer and burning the midnight oil to design web media, Todd is living his dream with the production of Catch Magazine.


Todd Moen Wins The International Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4) Award

Best Saltwater Film – “Indiana Bones”

Awarded Best DVD – International Fly Tackle Dealer Show – Denver, Colorado

Awarded Best Cinematography – “Alpine Bass” Issued by Drake Magazine

Wild & Scenic Film Festival Official Selection “Fall Run”

Banff Mountain Film Festival Official Selection “New Zealand”

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