Kayapó -The Heart of the Amazon

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This fly fishing film highlights the Kayapó Indigenous Community and the incredible Amazonian fish  species like peacock bass, matrinchã, bicuda and hoplias aimara caught and landed on a fly rod. In an isolated location, more than 500 miles by plane from Manaus,  Brazil, the Kayapó Indigenous Community lives in the […]

Montana Fly Fishing

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https://youtu.be/9AQjOmsBoAY Fly Fishing Spring Creeks around southwest Montana over the years has become one of my favorite things to do when the river temps are too warm to fish.  This past summer I made some plans to go find cooler water. I was invited back to one of my favorite […]

Women in Sports

Shortfilms Tourism

https://youtu.be/ITphw2Nul8E For this project I filmed on the Twigwaters and high plateau lakes of the amazing Australian island of Tasmania.  Flown Under Down Under by Tourism Australia, I met up with Daniel and Simone Hackett of RiverFly 1864.  RiverFly 1864 recently won the 2017 Gold Medal from the Australian Tourism […]