Lee was the most talented outdoorsman of the 20th Century. He was multifaceted, progressing from earning a engineering degree at Stanford before moving to Paris to begin a career in the fine arts. Later, his prodigious talents gave him world renown for writing, filmmaking, hosting television shows, flying, inventing, exploring and furthering conservation. His adventures weren’t limited to work. Lee Wulff was married five times to women possessing strong traits of intelligence and independence. Wulff’s life left a rich legacy for all of us who respect his genius. Why a documentary about Lee Wulff? His inventions such as the first fishing vest and portable camera stock, together with his popularizing the practice of ‘Catch and Release’ and saving the Atlantic Salmon, continue to reverberate today and will do so in the future. The word that Joan Wulff has used to describe Lee is “curiosity”. He spent his life sharing the fruits of his endless curiosity with everyone. Coming Fall 2023