The filming of Rio de Gigantes and the search for Amazon’s giant peacock bass took Todd Moen to Rio Negro Basin’s Rio Marié in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest. Rio Marié is the first river in the Amazon Basin where the Brazilian Government collaborated with local Native Communities (the Baré and Tukano tribes) and Untamed Angling to develop a project protecting the 800 km wildlife preserve, while promoting catch-and-release fly fishing only. This protected area is more than 400 miles of virgin waters full of giant peacock bass. Rio Marié is known to hold at least twice the quantity of trophy-sized peacock bass compared with any other sport fishing destination in the Rio Negro basin. For anglers, this means very real opportunities to hook and release larger-than-average peacocks on the fly. For Todd Moen, this means an unbelievable opportunity to film epic-sized peacock bass in the jungle. Moen was treated to an incredible stay on Untamed Angling’s floating mothership, which strategically placed him in prime fishing locations. Together with angler Brian O’Keefe, Moen met up with Rodrigo Salles who introduced them to the tribes living on Rio Marié. There Moen met Charlie, Untamed Angling’s first native guide. Charlie guided them through the jungle, showing them the traditional method for catching peacock bass on the fly. It was not easy! With golf ball-sized bumblebees swarming their hats, and piranhas chasing their flies… all in 100 degree heat and 90% humidity…Moen succeeded in capturing the adventure, history and true quest of fly fishing in the Amazon Rainforest. Moen was particularly challenged by the humidity and heat, which threatened to ruin any chances with a drone at all. Thanks to Untamed Angling & The Fly Shop for setting up this amazing adventure. Special thanks to the mothership crew and guides, and angler extraordinaire Brian O’Keefe, for making this video possible. For info about booking this unreal chance of a lifetime please contact The Fly Shop. Thanks to the great people of RL Winston Rod Company and Eddie Bauer for the support. To book your own Jungle Fly Fishing Adventure on the Rio Marié for the largest Peacock Bass in the world, contact The Fly Shop at email – The Fly Shop –

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