Each July, I find myself heading back to my home state of Montana. Over the past 15 years, many of these trips have included an adventure with my good friend and master spring creek angler, Pete Corbett who is owner of Creekside Angling Company in Issaquah, Washington. We like to fish the Southwest region of the state. For this 2013 fly fishing trip, we met in Dillon, Montana. This time Pete fished some of our favorite public water, and we hit the PMD hatch that usually occurs in late June and early July. We were in the right place at the right time! The PMDs popped, coming off in thick numbers, with fish hungry and aggressively rising to chow down on the first big hatch of the summer. The second half of this video shoot was taken on a one-day walk/wade of McCoy’s Spring Creek, and we had some pretty good action there as well. Southwest Montana never lets me down!

Camera and Edit by Todd Moen.
Special thanks to Pete Corbett Owner of Creekside Angling Company one of the greater Seattle areas full service fly fishing outfitters. http://www.creeksideangling.com

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McCoy’s Spring Creek – http://www.mccoyspringcreeks.com

*Camera Information*
– Aerial solutions by Quadrocopter.
– High quality aerial filter and adapters solutions here – Snake River Prototyping – http://www.SnakeRiverPrototyping.com
– GoPro 3 Black Edition – http://www.GoPro.com
– Sony RX-100
– Panasonic Ag-160a

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