A steelhead adventure. The planning, filming, editing and entire fly fishing adventure behind “Fall Run” is, hands down, my favorite T-Motion production yet. Six years after filming “Oregon Coast Steelhead”, Jeff Hickman, Jakob Lund and I met up for another steelhead quest on camera. We decided to take our chances and hit a new river, unknown to any of us. Against all possible odds, luck landed on our side. A high rising river, torrential downpour, and slime slick rocks made our navigation a gnarly mess. We were soaked head to toe, tripping and slipping along the river nearly all day. How I managed to keep my camera and gear from getting waterlogged is a mystery. It was wet! But, as any steelhead fisherman will tell you, it is the most typical weather you encounter on a river with big fish. Against the odds, we caught a few simply amazing fish. And one with a pretty darn good story. Hope you enjoy this film of fellowship and fish on unknown Pacific Northwest water. I sure enjoyed it! Thanks to my great fishing buddies at Fish the Swing and Salmonfly Syndicate for making it all happen. And thanks to the brave steelhead who made their way, half-way across the world, predators on their tails, and safely up this tiny inland river to my camera lens. Now that’s the adventure…there’s nothing like that.

“The successful operation of any video equipment, during Mother Nature’s moods and demanding conditions, from rain and snow to cold and darkness, requires days of preparation, a cool steady hand combined with the patience of a zen master and more than a smidgen of luck. Todd Moen’s talents flow with an ease that belies the work beneath.”


  1. WOW, this is the kind of film I was hoping to see this year the F3. didn’t happen to make the cut for the Nashville show. So glad I got to see it here!

    Great fishing, great filming, great fish!

    Used to live in WA and fish the snoqualmie and skagit. Loved the river shown in this film (unnamed – would love to know the name/area). Had a steelhead (30+”) on the line once, but didn’t land. Hope to do something like this with my son again someday.

    Thanks for the Super film. Just the right amount of music, narration, action, etc. Kudos to all involved.

  2. Wow that was one cool fishing video!! Some great fishing there btw. Well done! Nice music too.

  3. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watch this. Simply an outstanding piece of art. Top of my list of all time favorites….and I am only a casual steelheader (Great Lakes). Keep making stuff LIKE THIS; awesome, awesome, story telling.

  4. Mike Kemna

    Everything that Todd does is top notch! Whenever I watch a Todd Moen video I am inspired, moved and affected. I believe that Todd Moen may be to blame for my constant drive to seek out the places where beautiful fish and scenery combine. You, my friend, are a special talent! Sure, this is coming from someone who knows nothing of the intricacies of filming or editing or photography, just a regular guy who knows when he is truly and intimately moved.

    Keep it up, because I want to continue this journey, to find those places that are pure and spiritual and hopefully, share a moment with the fish I find so special.


  5. Martin Palmgren

    Hi Todd, I can only agree with Mike. I am a fly fisher and tier. I have watched your videos a hundred times. Pieces of art and stunning beauty. Thank you.

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