The Wulff Projects – National Parks Canada will be hosting Todd Moen to shoot many of Lee Wulff’s favorite backcountry locations which he talks about in his book “Bush Pilot Angler”.
The release of the documentary film planned for a early 2018 release.

A full day of filming inside the Gros Morne Nation Park. Parks Canada, Newfoundland.



  1. I just want to say thank you for the extraordinary work you have created. As I sit here recovering from a somewhat rare oral cancer surgery, your art is truly the best medicine one could dispense. My passion is flyfishing, flytying, outdoors, and hiking with my wife. I am 61 years and living in the hot humid south for most of that time, except for the past 14 biannual trips where I work in the beautiful mountains of Wyoming and I get to explore mountains streams, creeks, and rivers. You have helped to take me there when I am physically still in the south but longing for the sound of rushing water and the open skies of the west. In my world, nothing has come close to what your films have been able to bring forth in capturing the essence of what is the roots of my passion and love for the outdoors we are blessed to enjoy. My humble thanks to all of you involved and for this gift.

    Blaine Rozas
    Lacombe, LA

  2. Marshall "Doc" WHTE

    I can so identify with Blaine’s comments above. I, too, am older (81 yr) and fly fish a lot in Montana. But his words particularly express my dreams and memories of years of mountain wilderness fishing!
    Todd: I am just beginning to taste your extraordinary photographic repertoire. The incredible scenery reminds me of flyfishing in THE most beautiful place on earth, a remote lake in the Canadian Rockies, Fortress Lake, for HUGE brook trout! This lake is nestled within the walls of steep mountain slopes, and is home for exquisite wild Nipigon strain brookies, planted there in early 1920’s or ’30’s. (I saw no brook trout pictured on your website…yet!)
    I think it is a photographer’s paradise, as well as a flyfisher’s dream destination…and that is why I thought of you! You may wish to check it out. There is a website,
    My wife and I have been there 5-6 times in past 14 years, by helicopter or float plane. There is a rustic lodge there, but no TV, phone, or internet (at least until recently!) We had planned a trip last summer, but alas, the border was closed because of covid-19. We pray the border will reopen soon this Spring.
    Yes, check it out! ~Doc White, Roundup, Montana

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