New Zealand’s South Island has to be the closest one can get to heaven. Truly, New Zealand is my all-time favorite place to film, fish and explore.  For the T-Motion Theater Issue #45, I had the chance to film angler and lodge owner Shauna Daughters, along with her husband Chris Daughters, on one of their favorite South Island rivers.  Together they own and operate the South Island’s Cedar Lodge, located on the Makarora River just about an hour’s drive of the adventurist town of Wanaka.  It was Shauna’s birthday, and last March she was able to escape the usual chores of lodge operation and parenting for the day.  Shauna spotted, hooked and landed a few fabulous birthday trout, and the adventure on the river was captured in “Pure New Zealand part 2”.  Thanks to the phenomenal helicopter guide and pilot, Dion Matheson, who flew us into the clear pools and magical stretches of water only offered in New Zealand.  Sit back and watch Shauna simply rock this fly fishing adventure into New Zealand’s backcountry!


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  1. Tommy Harston

    Todd, all of your work is so gorgeous and of such a high quality I don’t think anyone else in the world is doing anything close to it. Each one seems to capture the true beauty of the art of fly fishing when it is practiced by the true believers. I am always moved and inspired no matter which one I’m watching and the sound tracks are perfectly matched to the action. Who was the artist and what was the song on Pure New Zealand pt 2? It was wonderful.
    Thanks for keeping the quality at such a high level!!

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