T-Motion Video – Sky High Salmonfly
Date filmed – May 25, 2012

During the last week of May, the adult salmonflies on the Deschutes River in Oregon start driving fly fishers and rainbows crazy. This video, Sky High Salmonflies, came together with weather perfect, bugs everywhere and with two angler/guides with a rare day off work. Elke Littleleaf and Jakob Lund get caught up in the frenzy. Amid great scenery and slashing strikes on dry flies, I experimented with some new camera technology. For an amazing experience during the salmonfly hatch please contact Elke and Alysia Littleleaf at Littleleaf Guide Service – 541-615-0402 or e-mail elkekirk@gmail.com. Thanks to Jakob and Elke for a great couple of action packed days on the river.

Littleleaf guide service. Come fish the lower Deschutes on “our side” Book a date now! space is limited for Salmon Fly Hatch


  1. Alysia Littleleaf

    The video is amazing! Love all the action the scenic view’s. The Salmon fly hatch is cycle of life thank you for sharing this once a year famous Salmon fly hatch.

  2. Good work my friend,the video was outstanding and clear.it was a pleasure to work and meet a talanted friend.

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  4. Enjoy this great video that gives me a lot flash-backs to my Montana trip many years ago. Tight lines from Denmark:-)

  5. Fantastic video. Wanna go this minute. Thx. How the hell did you do the sequences high up and still moving?

  6. Wow! This is awesome!!!! I love the salmon fly hatch on that river! So amazing. Come to southern Oregon and film some winter chrome on the Applegate river! 🙂 We slay the fish on this little river in the month of March.

  7. Adina Canales

    May 2016 I am a single mom with a 7 year old son. This was our first time on a guided trip and our first time fly fishing. WOW! Very friendly, patient, kind, helpful, knowledgeable. Easy to learn, relax and have fun. We fish a lot and have yet to catch anything. My son landed his firs fish on this trip. I recommend Littleleaf Guide Service to anyone who has children. Mine is high energy and doesn’t always stay on task and that was not an issue at all. Alysia and her son worked at his pace and at his level. Used words he could relate to. Didn’t push or rush him. Encouraged him and supported him. They quickly got him feeling comfortable and engaged, successfully making longtime friends in my son and me. They answered every question he asked, showed him anything he was curious about. We tried a half day because I didn’t know if he was going to like it. We are currently saving to book a day long trip, he loved it so much. He hasn’t stopped talking about it. Wants pictures so he can take them to school. Made sure I posted them to facebook. This trip is a moment I will always be grateful for.

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