A story about a mother, father and daughter growing up in the back country of British Columbia. 34 years later the mother/daughter team are still working harder than ever operating a world class Steelhead Lodge in Northern B.C. Here is part 1 from Catch Magazine’s 2010 November issue. Camera work and editing by Todd Moen.



  1. the river looks amazing.

  2. Gifford Maytham

    Great footage as always Todd! Just watched Salmonfly High vid…SIIIIIIIICK

  3. Beautiful work on “Fall Run” in the newest Catch Magazine. What a scrammble to land that fish. Dream job…

  4. WHat is the name of her outfit, and how would i contact them for a trip?

  5. Todd
    Your videos are far and away the best out there. You masterly capture the art and nature of fly fishing. The subjects in the videos also portrayed beautifully. I noticed there is part one of steelhead dreams, is there a part two coming? Keep up the great work!

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